Buring Man Festival

Are You a ‘Burner’?

The Burning Man festival has just passed for this year, 2016, and the various news items following the massive party got us to thinking. We should include this in our bucket list, but from a couple of different angles. Burning Man is evolving – for better or for worse – so depending on what you would hope for at a party of this scale, you may want to attend sooner than later, or wait for a few years.

You may be wondering why wait? If I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go. The reason for waiting depends on who you are, as does the reason for making the trek to the desert right away. The original Burning Man was planned as a sort of mix between Woodstock and a bohemian-style art show. The concept was free self-expression, unhindered and unrestrained by ‘the establishment’ or ‘the man’. It was kind of a modern day hippy commune – free for anyone to attend and participate. Giving of one’s self without expectation of a return was an underlying theme of the event.

This free love, live happy vibe of the original Burning Man is slowly being extinguished. The free price tag for entry is long gone. Admission is nearly $400 (maybe more next year). The ‘starving artist’ is no longer the typical demographic, replaced by the middle class suburban partier. So if you long for the original Burning Man experience, then you should probably go as soon as you can, because each year, it get’s farther away from the original themes, and more like a version of Lollapalooza (not a bad thing in itself).

As the wealthy class slowly takes over the event, the prices will rise, but the event becomes more fantastic every year as money pours in. If you are a sugardaddy, then each year, the event is geared more toward you. Wealthy ‘burners’ come and flaunt their wealth to the crowds of potential sugarbabies. So the general rule of thumb is this – poor and/or young go while you still can afford it – old and/or rich go in a few years and you’ll find it to be a bit more comfortable and accommodating.

Whenever you go, you are in for a wild ride, I guarantee you that!

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