Ride the Wind

Since before Icarus flew too close to the sun with his homemade wings, man has long to tame the skies. From parasailing to hang gliding to flying and skydiving, man is always been intrigued with the idea of flying through the air. So our next my playlist item is to harness the wind.

For the most daring of us, skydiving is the most exhilarating option. The free-fall rush is something that every man should experience once in his lifetime and we think once you do, you’ll be hooked and want to do it again and again. Be sure to bring your GoPro camera. Video of falling out of a plane always makes for good viewing later. For those who aren’t quite as robust there are other means of harnessing the wind. Go parasailing which actually requires a bit more skill than skydiving. Or try hang gliding with dog and also require some skill training or there’s parasailing which doesn’t really require much in the way of skill or training but nonetheless it is quite fun.

Obviously the most death-defying of these would be skydiving since you are plummeting toward the earth at breakneck speeds, but on the other hand it’s relatively safe when done with a professional who’s watching out for you. It’s kind of like eating a puffer fish sushi. If you decide to take up the skydiving find a reputable skydiving company in your area or check with friends to see if they have some suggestions.

Hang gliding and sailboarding both require some skill, like riding a skateboard. You can’t just hop on and do it. It requires some amount of time to practice before you actually have fun. Hang gliding obviously is the more dangerous of the two since you again you are flying though the air holding onto a big kite. Sailboarding on the other hand is not dangerous but is very fun. It’s basically surfing with a sail attached to your surfboard. You just find some water and some wind and let the sails whisk you around.

Parasailing is the least dangerous of all the options for riding the wind. Basically you attach a parachute your back and begin water skiing behind a speedboat. When your parachute catches enough wind you fly up in the air. Basically you are on a kite being flown by a speedboat.

One other option for the faint of heart is hot air ballooning. There are hot air balloon festivals all around the country, but the one held annually in Albuquerque is the most well known. The festival begins very early, and the countryside near Albuquerque is beautiful. You won’t be disappointed.

So whatever choice you make for riding the wind just go ahead and do it. You will love the adrenaline rush from being up in the air.

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