Sex Tape!

Admit it, you’ve thought about it, and you’ve got a hidden camera setup, so if your hot wife or girlfriend is game, then start taping and get busy! Sex tapes are tricky business, though, so we have some pointer and some suggestions to help you with all the details outside of the actual performance.

First of all, sex tapes have the explosiveness to ruin lives and change relationships, so the matter has to be handled in an adult manner. That means that both (or all) parties must be aware of the tape, agree not to store extra copies, and NEVER to release them out of anger or revenge. As the man in charge, you must maintain control of the situation, so it doesn’t get out of hand.

Now that we have that out of the way, decide how and where you’re going to make your recording. If you want a high quality video, you may want to record in full light, using a high resolution camera like a GoPro. The GoPro can be mounted anywhere, and you can even mount it to a headband for some close-up video. If your partner isn’t comfortable recording in broad daylight or closeup, try using a night vision camera. You can use a hidden camera that is motion activated, so you’ll have video whenever the mood strikes you both.

Once you’ve produced your video, you and your co-star must decide whether to keep the video for watching and re-watching, or if you will watch once and delete. Whatever you decide, be honest. Don’t make a secret copy to show your buddies. Even if your mate performs like a professional, don’t upload the file to the Internet. Most importantly, do not release the tapes after you’ve separated or broken up. That’s classless and harmful, and a true gentleman would never do that, no matter the situation.

Many couples find that making a sex tape reinvigorates their sex live. As long as all involved parties are complicit, responsible, and level-headed, making a sex tape can be a relation and life altering experience, so practice your moans, groans and cheesy look of satisfaction… and ACTION!

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