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Most Common Video File Formats

The digital revolution had a tremendous effect on society. The life back then was nothing like today. A couple of decades ago you had to take the tape off the camera and put it on the video player. It was presented either one of the two ways: television and cinema. Also, you just needed to read the article to understand about the video formats named HS and Betamax. Nowadays, there are so many formats that you cannot even count them on your fingers.

Understanding them is no child play. To make you know something about the video formats here is the list of some standard video formats you need to know:


It stands for Advanced video coding, high definition.

AVCHD stands for Advanced Video Coding, High Definition. Panasonic and Sony evolved it and also has its default format for video recording with both of these brands only. It supports 3D videos too. Because of the high-quality image it helps, this format is famous among experienced videographers.


AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave. This video format used to be contemplated as the absolute best choice in the market. It was formulated by Microsoft back in the 90s, and it’s still widely operated despite its popularity drop as more compressed setups have seemed. Some camera brands such as Nikon and Olympus use the AVI format, and it is a safe chance for those who require full compatibility with both PC and Mac devices.


It stands for Flash Video Format. Despite being one of the most familiar video formats, FLV has some significant downsides. As it goes hand-in-hand with SWF, another form for flash videos. Flash is not supported by iOS devices, confessing it cannot be played on iPhones and iPads. Even if over three-quarters of the public uses Android, you might not want to risk sacrificing millions of probable spectators using iOS.


MP4 is an Apple innovation. This video format was developed for low-bandwidth constriction, meaning the image quality is relatively lower than in other file types. The iTunes store popularized it due to its compatibility with both Apple devices and others, such as Xbox360. This file format is also commonly adopted on adult websites. This is especially true for adult dating sites and adult sex sites that are geared towards mobile users.


MOV is Apple’s QuickTime Movie format. It is usually redeemed together with QT. This video format was created for movies, and it allows videographers to cease to function the file into diverse tracks for the storage of several types of data. A variation of MOV is used on Canon DSLR cameras.


WMV stands for Windows Media Video. Microsoft developed it in an attempt to monopolize the online streaming space. It is the smallest video size available, which makes it considerable for email sharing. On the downside, of course, image quality is significantly reduced in both during and after compression.

Although you got to know about them, yet you need to learn on which platform to use them. There isn’t any one size that fits all the formats for video sharing and in this process, you lose the original quality of the video. So you need to learn how to use them best. Make sure to save the original video, so you don’t lose the quality of the video due to compression.… Read the rest