The Running of the Bulls, Pamplona Spain

We know it sounds cliché , but what man doesn’t want to say he’s been running with the bulls? And so it is one of our My Playlist items. The tradition has roots back to the 14th century, and is famous for its wave of white-shirt-red-scarf wearing men sprinting down the streets of Pamplona. Pack your attire, your running shoes and a Spanish-to-English dictionary and make way to Pamplona, Spain. The event is part of the San Fermin Festival, which takes place from July 6 to July 14. The running of the bulls begins on July 7 at 8:00am each morning throughout the rest of the festival. There are plenty of photographers on hand that will take your picture as you make your escape from the bulls. You must bring home a picture for proof, or no one will believe you!

There are a few rules to keep in mind. First, you must be 18. The other common sense rules are: 1) you must run in the same direction as the bulls, 2) you may not incite the bulls, and 3) you must not be drunk (some would argue you would have to be to do something so insane).

As for any well-established tradition, particularly if it involves the death of an animal, there are protests. PETA actively protests the event yearly, and if Spain ever succumbs to the political pressure, you may find that the event has disappeared forever, so better get in while the getting’s good.

La Tomatina Festival in Buñol, Spain

valencia 2But not everyone is willing or able to participate in an event such as the Running of the Bulls, so we’ve come up with an alternative (or additional) event also held in Spain. It’s the La Tomatina held in the Valencian town of Buñol. The event is a monstrous food fight, but only with tomatoes. It’s held on the last Wednesday in August.

Besides the fact that this event is a food fight, we love this event because it’s a bit easier on the heart for you older gents, and it’s an event that your girlfriend/wife will not just approve of, she’ll want to participate in. It’s a wonderful relationship-building vacation. Coincidentally, this week marks the 70th anniversary of the event. Because the festival has become so popular, tickets are now required, and they are limited in number.

Have fun and bon appétit.


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