What Only a Man Can Do – Grow a Beard

It’s a great time to be a man. Beards are currently in fashion, so put down the razor or shaver and revel in the glory of being a facial-haired male. Beards are acceptable whether you are a biker, a professional athlete or a CEO, provided they match your profession. As a corporate executive, you probably can’t get away with a Grizzly Adams beard, but maybe something more refined like an extended goatee or a Balbo. On the other hand, if you’re a professional baseball player, you can wear just about any beard you like, but bigger the better (we’re mesmerized by the Dallas Keuchel beard).

If you’re old enough to grow facial hair, then go for it, and take some pictures for posterity’s sake. There are many styles of beards, and each says something about its wearer. We’ve provided a quick list of popular beards and what they might say about you if you grow one.


The Soul Patch

beards soulpatch

This ‘baby beard’ hardly a beard at all. It looks like you missed a spot while shaving and decided to just let it go for a few days. It is a beard, nonetheless, so we feature it here. It says that you are very much about appearances, you want to grow a beard, but didn’t want to cover your pretty face with a bunch of scraggly hair. You want to say you have a beard, so have taken the easy route. We don’t recommend them as a My Playlist item.


The Goatee

beards goatee

The goatee is the beginners beard. You can start one by letting your chin whiskers grow. No need to fuss with a mustache or sideburns, just work on the chin, and shape it as you like it. Despite being the beginner’s beard, wearing one won’t make you look like a beard newbie. The goatee has been around for centuries, and as such carries with it an inherent respectability, but it’s trendy enough to be worn by young folks too. This ageless beard says that you are fun and happy, but responsible and deep at the same time.


The Balbo and Anchor Beard

beards balbo beards anchor

The Balbo and the anchor beard are somewhat similar. The Balbo’s whiskers are nearer the corners of the mouth, where as the anchor tends to stay around the bottom of the chin. Both beards are like a goatee with a mustache. The mustache aspect of this facial hair arrangement give the aura of age and wisdom, and as such is a great option for middle-age men, particularly managers, supervisors and salesmen.


The Chinstrap

beards chinstrap

What can we say about the chinstrap. To us, it’s the daintiest of beards. Because it doesn’t cover the face, and doesn’t really cover any of the neck, it can be quite thin, hence the dainty nature of this beard. Along with the soul patch, it’s the least manly beard, its manliness waning with its thinness. This type of beard is for the man who doesn’t really want to fuss with a beard and doesn’t want to cover his beautiful face, but wants to assert that he is a man. This beard is common among high school and college men who have the ability to grow some facial hair. If you are dead-set on growing a chinstrap, for God’s sake give it some thickness and width, and enhance it with a goatee or something.


The Fu Man Chu

beard fu man chu

The famous Chinese beard – the Fu Man Chu. Asians are notorious for not being able to grow a beard since they lack facial hair in general. Some Asians are able to grow some hair right on their chin and above the corners of the mouth. This type of beard was a sign of chastity and wisdom among folks in the West, because the beard conjured up visions of the wise old Chinese man meditating on top of a mountain with a long wispy white beard and thin mustache. Oddly enough though,  the Western implementation of the Fu Man Chu has become associated with bikers and burly mechanics. It’s not a wise choice for men in professional occupations.


The Duck Dynasty Beard (formerly the Grizzly Adams)


The Duck Dynasty family almost single-handedly brought back the popularity of the beard. Some of their beards are unkempt, uneven and full. By giving credence to the wild wacky full-on beard, they’ve made less loony beards respectable again. If you run your own business, or are unemployed or are a farmer, go for it if you like, grow a Grizzly Adams. They are manly, but not very fashionable.


The Verdi

beards verdi

The Verdi is the trendy version of a full beard. The beard is nice and thick, but the mustache is long, waxed and curled. This type of beard is a throwback to the late 19th century and early 20th century. The wearer of this beard is a real man who loves being a man and has an eye for fashion and individualism. He doesn’t care what you think of him, nor should he. The only drawback to this beard is that in more serious occupations, you may initially appear to lack the killer instinct. If you wear this beard, you’ve got it though!


The Full Beard

beard full

This is the man’s man’s beard. The beard is thick and long, but not crazy and unkempt like the Grizzly Adams. It combines masculinity and confidence with fashion and sensitivity – a perfect combination. These beards are worn by men who are calm, collected and in control – think ‘the most interesting man alive’. This beard is the creme of the crop if you can pull it off, pardon the pun.

Most executives and politicians lean toward the clean cut look, but we think the beard would give an added air of honesty and confidence.

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